MCL Pathology Panel

Based on the retrospective survey of MCL, a European pathology panel was established to review all samples available. Retrospective panel review of more than 350 cases not only confirmed the caveats of the diagnosis of MCL based on cytomorphology alone (outside of studies, only the minority of MCL is correctly diagnosed!), but also identified new prognostic markers. Proliferation-associated markers like Ki-67 or number of mitoses per high power-field were significantly superior to clinical (e.g. international prognostic index) and other (e.g. cytological) markers. These results were recently confirmed by RNA array analyses. Since 1998, during 7 meetings of this pathology panel it became clear that this instrument is crucial in confirming the diagnosis and identifying subtypes of MCL as well as establishing morphological standards for the subtyping of malignant lymphomas in general.

Originally derived from the German network of reference pathologists, the European MCL Pathology Panel Pathology panel has currently 15 participants from all over Europe (Denmark, France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Suisse). The future focus will be the further evaluation of proliferation associated prognostic markers as well as extending the current knowledge which has already strongly influenced the national diagnostic guide lines to a broader group of pathologists by international training courses etc.


Despite the fact that nowadays the majority of MCL is correctly diagnosed by the experienced hematopathologist, still, based on morphology alone, only a subset of cases are properly recognised. In addition, the prognostic value of the wide variety of cytomorphological appearances has been not yet properly investigated in a prospective study.
Thus, aim of this workpackage is the reference pathology of all study cases to confirm the diagnosis as well as subtyping MCL and evaluation of novel proliferation-associated and other immunohisto-chemical markers with oncogenic potential.


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